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According to the Oriental school of medicine, the five elements are found in all living (animate) and non-living (inanimate) things, and they both share the same material basis. The five great elements are known as; earth, water, fire, wind (metal) and space (wood).

In the Tibetan system, otherwise known as the Diamond Healing, the elements are expressed in the body as follows: flesh and bones are earth, blood and lymph are water, body heat is fire, nervous and motor function is wind (metal), and consciousness is space (wood). Within the Chinese system, the elements are also interchangeable, which is why the element of wind is known as metal, and the element of space is known as wood. In ancient Greek medicine, these elements were known as humors.

Within the mind, the elements mentioned above are further reflected into even more subtle ‘inner elements’, expressed as the five-coloured lights of consciousness. These five lights refer to our daily emotions, mood-tones of the moment, feelings, thoughts and other mental habitual patterns e.g. fear, anger, sadness, obsession etc., which, when they are out of balance are the cause of all illness. For example, a person with anger, is not the ‘same individual’ as a ‘person with tranquility’ several moments later, as the psychophysical complex has changed.

Beginning in around 380 B.C., within the Abhidharma-Pitakas, oriental meditators worked upon observing these psychophysical states as elemental forces (five elements) or aggregates of experience.huangdi-1

The entire system of five element Acupuncture is based upon recognising that the symptom pattern of the individual has a five element signature or characteristic. The Acupuncturist will identify this imbalance, and through the use of Acupuncture restore homeostasis of both the external elements of the body and the internal elements of the body  (consciousness).

In this respect, self knowledge and understanding of the ‘causative’ factors i.e. lifetsyle, occupation, nutrition, anxiety and psychological drives etc., of the patient are analysed from a Five Element perspective. At the Advanced Osteopathic Acupuncture Centre, we follow the traditional therapeutic system of the ancient Vajrayāna school, which is a Tibetan form of psychoanalysis and is the world’s oldest system of medical psychiatry based upon the Five Elements. This oriental form of healing examines the psychological drives and patterns of the person (The Diamond Healing) which are examined and treated during consultation, observation and touch.

Treatment is based upon harmonising the Five Elements. This is done through therapeutic massage, Acupuncture, Osteopathic manipulation, breathing techniques and specific meditational techniques which help to regulate the Autonomic Nervous System. The use of mindful contemplative exercises (meditation) are introduced to the patient for homework, which aid in relaxation, promoting healing and in exploring a deeper awareness of body-mind consciousness experience i.e. Vajrayāna Tantric techniques for self healing.

Specific breathing exercises are given alongside Acupuncture therapy to strengthen the life force, clear the channels and generate good health to the physical body from within. Each therapy session is unique. The Vajrayāna technique provides the foundation stone of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it observes that the body is composed of Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). These elemental forces in nature are cyclical, in the sense that they each have specific resonances, frequencies, rhythms and qualities. They are always in motion, transforming from one state to another. Traditional Acupuncture is based upon the understanding of these Five Elemental transformations, and how they manifest within the body and mind. The Acupuncturist alongside with the participation of the patient, applies the treatment in such a manner to encourage the patient to heal themselves, turning suffering and sickness into opportunity to move into a healthier state of being in body and mind.


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