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Is a form of manual manipulative therapy. It combines Osteopathic massage and mobilisation of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves.

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Osteopathic manipulation, is otherwise known as ‘joint re-alignment’. When the joints are re-aligned, symmetry is restored within the body structure.
When Osteopathic manipulation is carried out, the bones, muscles, joints and nerves are restored to their natural position.


The scientific principle behind Osteopathic manipulation is based upon viewing the body as a mechanical structure, where the joints act like ‘levers’ in a bio-mechanical chain. Hence, whenever there is any pain, stiffness or general discomfort within the body, the Osteopath will locate the bio-mechanical area that is causing the pain. This area is known to Osteopaths as the Osteopathic lesion, which places pressure upon the bio-mechanics of the body and is the source of the pain.

Referred pain in the leg

Referred pain (Dermatomes)

It is for this reason that the Osteopath will perform Osteopathic manipulation on the lower spine to resolve pain or pins and needles (paraesthesiae) in the legs or feet, or will work Osteopathically on the neck to resolve any symptoms experienced in the shoulder, arm or hands.

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Referred Pain Zones in the Arm (Dermatomes)

Osteopathic manipulation is used to restore mobility in the joints and muscles. Osteopathy helps to improve symmetry within the body through Osteopathic manipulation, which can take pressure off the spinal disc and nerves.


Spinal Disc and Nerve Roots

Spinal Disc and Nerve Roots


Osteopathy restores equilibrium of movement within the bio-mechanical components of the body e.g. spine. The Osteopath will explain to the patient that once full mobility is restored within the body through Osteopathic manipulation, the pain will also dissipate as well. In this respect, once the body is moving as it should be, we see resolution in the symptoms.

Osteopathy and Acupuncture in combination, are both the treatment of choice for acute injuries e.g. sports injuries, and are used to treat chronic or long standing conditions e.g. Osteoarthritis, Hip and Knee replacement, Spinal Surgery and Osteoporosis.

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Charles Papapetrou BSc.(Hons). Ost.Med., D.O., Lic.Ac.
Member of The General Osteopathic Council (No.3118)
Member of The British Acupuncture Council (No.956141)

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